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Artists of Odessa

Artists of Odessa is available on DVD.

Artists of Odessa is a raw, humorous and nostalgic look at life and contemporary art in post-Soviet Odessa.
A dynamic city with its own unique cultural tradition, Odessa was home and muse to Babel, Zhabotinskiy, Eisenshtein, Kandinsky and many others. Walking through the courtyards of Moldavanka, market stalls of famous Privoz, and underground bars of the old quarters the search is on for the inextinguishable creative spirit of The City by the Black Sea.
Featuring: Sergey Bakumenko, Igor Gusev, Stas Podlipsky, Gena Podvoisky, Aleksandr Roitburd, Misha Veksler, Leonid Voitsekhov, Sergey Zarva.
Produced and Directed by: Dmitriy Khavin & Lilya Klimova

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